About Paul Bowles and Friends

Many of us came to Tangier directly or indirectly through Paul and Jane BOWLES and their friends, many of us worked on their issues. Let's remember their life and art, let's celebrate ourselves in the magic City of the artists in 2019! It's Paul Bowles' 20th death anniversary and 70 years since the publication of his novel THE SHELTERING SKY that inspired artists, thinkers & travelers ever since.





Music Concerts


LAZYWALL live in concert

DJ Salah Salito

Irene Herrmann from USA plays Paul Bowles on the piano

Violonist Bachir Ben Yahya and singer Iman Ben Yahya play at the beach during sunset


Film Cycle around Paul Bowles and Tangier at CINEMA RIF in the presence of the film makers and their storytelling


TANGER, LEGEND OF A CITY, presented by Peter Goedel und Agape Dorstewitz from Munich, Germany

TALKING WITH PAUL BOWLES, presented by Peter Goedel

PAUL BOWLES, THE COMPLETE OUTSIDER, presented by filmmaker Regina Weinreich of the School of Visual Arts in New York

CREATING A LEGEND by Karim Debbagh, D / 2006, 45 min

PAUL BOWLES HALBMOND by Irene von Alberti and Frieder Schlaich from Berlin


Literature, at LES INSOLITES bookstore


SHORT STORY OF PAUL BOWLES, introduced by Rita Nezami, Prof. PhD, NYC, in English

TANGER TRANCE, performed by Florian Vetsch, Prof. PhD, St. Gallen, Switzerland, in German

KOSMOPOLIS TANGER, reading by Simon-Pierre Hamelin, writer, director of La Librairie des Colonnes, Tanger, in French / German

WIEDERSEHEN IN TANGER, reading by Amsél, writer, photographer, psychologist

READING by Martin A. Obrecht, writer, actor, Deutsch

READING by Stéphanie Gaou, writer, director of Les Insolites, French

PAUL BOWLES: RE-PRESENTATIONS LITTERAIRES ESPAGNOLES ET MAROCAINES by Randa Jebrouni, PhD, literary scientist, Tanger, in French


Cultural Tour of the Taniger Kasbah and Medina by Olivier Conil, Gallery Owner in Tangier 

Mini-Lametta-Shop and Relax-Peace-Mini-Massages by Anja Roder, designer, Switzerland