Tangier White Party & Arts  13 TO 15 July 2019 in Tangier

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  • First Tangier White Party & Arts 
  • Where: A magical beachside setting in Tangier which will be confirmed to you upon booking
  • Who: Many special guests, performances, concert, DJ etc. Starring: Lazywall, Mohamed Mrabet, Irene Hermann ...
  • Dress Code: Fancy White
  • Prices:
  • Films;Tangier, Paul Bowles, Mohamed Choukri etc. 50 MAD
  • Tangier White Party only: 95 Euro / 950 MAD
  • Irene Herrmann / Mohamed Mrabet: 150 MAD
  • FULL PASS per person: 250 Euro / 2500 MAD
  • If you like to join only part of the events and for payment in Moroccan Dirhams please contact us.

Please understand that due to the organization for your warm welcoming and the limited capacity to the events we can only guarantee participation if you pay in advance 


event list in progress check further updates

Above: Lazywall, © Lazywall; below: Irene Herrmann, © Gabe C. Alfieri 

Many of us came directly or indirectly through Paul and Jane BOWLES and their friends to Tangier, many of us worked on their issues. Let's remember their life and art, let's celebrate ourselves in the magic City of the artists in 2019! It's PB's 20th death anniversary and 70 years since the publication of his novel THE SHELTERING SKY, that inspired artists, thinkers & travelers ever since.


Music Concerts

LAZYWALL live in concert at the first TANGIER WHITE PARTY & ARTS

DJ Salah Salito

Irene Herrmann, USA, plays Paul Bowles on the piano

Violonist Bachir Ben Yahya and singer Iman Ben Yahya play for you at the beach during sunset


Bachir Ben Yahya, Iman Ben Yahya

Film Cycle around Paul Bowles and Tangier at CINEMA RIF in the presence of the film makers and their storytelling

TANGER, LEGEND OF A CITY , presented by Peter Goedel und Agape Dorstewitz, München, Germany

TALKING WITH PAUL BOWLES, presented by Peter Goedel

PAUL BOWLES, THE COMPLETE OUTSIDER, presented by Regina Weinreich, filmmaker, School of Visual Arts, NYC, US

CREATING A LEGEND, Karim Debbagh, D/Mar 2006, 45 min

PAUL BOWLES HALBMOND, Irene VON Alberti und Frieder Schlaich, Berlin



At the book store LES INSOLITES 

SHORT STORY OF PAUL BOWLES, introduced by Rita Nezami, Prof. PhD, NYC, US; E

TANGER TRANCE, performed by Florian Vetsch, Prof. PhD, St. Gallen, Switzerland, G

ABOUT IBN BATTOUTA, introduced by Thomas Imboden, CrossCulture, Switzerland

KOSMOPOLIS TANGER, reading Simon-Pierre Hamelin, writer, director of La Librairie des Colonnes, Tanger F / G 

WIEDERSEHEN IN TANGER, reading Amsél, writer, photographer, psychologist

READING: Martin A. Obrecht, writer, actor, D

READING: Stéphanie Gaou, writer, director of Les Insolites, F

READING: Jalid Sehouli, Prof. Dr. med., writer, poet, D, M


Mohamed Mrabet at his home in Tangier, June 2019. © Amsél


Cultural Tour: Olivier Conil Gallery Owner, Tangier: To offer a cultural tour of the Kasbah, Medina of Tangier.



Live Painting by Gabriele Lechner, film producer, painter, Munich. Germany


Mini-Lametta-Shop and Relax-Peace-Mini-Massages by Anja Roder, designer, Switzerland


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management contact

Amsél & Fouzia & Team

  1. E-mail: Tanger-Ball-2019@outlook.de
  2. International line: +41 79 280 57 61 (whatsapp only)
  3. Moroccan line: +212 6 10 91 08 53 

Please use the following link to the PayPal account, add the Keyword Tangier White Party & Arts 2019 and your name(s). In between the following 24 hours you will get all detailed information by e-mail and your name will be put on our guest list.


Please note, that with the payment you agree to be taken on photos, that will be shown on social media in the context of Tangier White Party & Arts. If you don't agree please send us an e-mail mentioning, that you don't want to appear in this context. Thank you.


Thank your very much, we impatiently are looking forward to your arrival in Tangier in July!



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Devise Dirham

Once you paid, out of organizational reasons we cannot refund your payment in case you won't be able to assist the event.

Billeterie / Tickets chez la librairie LES INSOLITES, Rue Khalid Ibn Oulaid ex. Vélazquez, next to the place with the canons / Sor magazin / mur des paresseux; près du Sor magazine, mur au paresseux, place aux canons au Boulevard Pasteur 

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